These instruction are for customers who are setting up the Chatbot on a RENTCafe / Yardi system.  

Step 1: Login to your RENTCafe / Yardi Site manager

Step 2:
Click on Properties at the top

Step 3:
Choose the property you want to add the Chatbot to

A list of your properties will show up on the right side, click on the name of the property that you want to add the Chatbot to.

Step 4: Go into Content Management and then choose SEO Tags

Step 5: Add embed script to the "Custom <head> Content" field on the right

Copy the embed code that you got in your setup instructions email and paste it in the Custom <head> Content field.  Make sure not to overwrite anything that is currently in there.  You can simply past the Chatbot code below whatever is in the field.

Step 6: Repeat step 5 for each page in the Page drop down

On the SEO Tags Page, there is a drop down called "Page", you need to choose each page in the list and repeat step 5 for each page.

That's it.  Once you have completed all of the steps above, your Chatbot should show up on your site.