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Want to post to your Social Media sites? We’ve made it easy! Follow the below steps to start sharing content!

  1. Login to Respage Express.
  2. Select the Post Tab then select “Post to Social Media” or “Post to Blog” depending on where you would like to share content.

Posting to Social Media:

  1. Post to Social Media to share content on your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google + Pages.

  1. Follow the selection choices to set up your post! Choose your campaigns: either Facebook, Twitter, Google + or all 3!
  1. “Share Something Awesome” Through the dashboard you can upload one or multiple images, add a video, or share a link. You may only select one option. For example, you cannot share a photo and also a link.  
  1. “Say What’s Happening” Now you can add your text. You may add a different message for Twitter. Twitter only allows you to post 140 characters so keep it short! Feel free to post longer messages for Facebook and Google +. The character countdown will let you know if you’re getting close to the character limit or have gone over!
  1. Once you have your message the way you would like, you can select either add to queue, share now or share at a specific time in the future.

Post to Blog:

3. If you have a blog connected in our Dashboard and would like to post to the blog, select “Post to Blog”.
  1. Create Your Post. Enter the title of the post. Where it says “Type Something” begin typing your message. You may upload multiple pictures into the body of the post or share a video.
  1. Once you have your blog post the way you would like it, set a featured image (optional), select the category and add tags.
  1. Post the blog right away by selecting “Post Now” or schedule for a later date and time by selecting “Schedule Post”.

If you would like to see what posts you have queued, scheduled or published, under the Post Tab, select View Posts. This screen will allow you to view the status of your posts, edit and delete posts as well as take a look at your content report!

Please reach out to your client service representative with any questions or if you’d like to schedule a call to go over how to post! We’re always here to help! Happy Posting!

Note: If Respage is approving your posts please allow 24 hours for processing. We will be approving posts Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm ET as well as on weekends.